Greg West
Managing Director, Farthing West Pty Limited
Greg West, Managing Director, Farthing West Pty Limited

Greg West is the Managing Director of Farthing West Pty Limited, a management consulting firm that provides consulting services. A skilled practitioner of business improvement, Mr. West has mentored staff and led 'lean thinking' problem-solving teams in many of Australia’s largest organizations. In the past 20 years he has helped client organizations substantially improve profits and lower costs in a diverse range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, fast food and service organizations. His interventions are based on the methodologies of the Toyota Production System. He has a detailed knowledge of process and systems design, planning, and team involvement.

Mr. West holds a Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering from the University of New South Wales, Master of Engineering Science in operations research at University of New South Wales, and an Advanced Diploma of Management in Lean Six Sigma at Australian Institute of Workplace Learning. He is a member of Continuous Improvement, the Six Sigma, & Lean Group on LinkedIn, and the Lean Business System Australia & New Zealand group on LinkedIn. Mr. West finds his job rewarding, challenging and fun. In five years, he hopes to still be having a great time delivering real benefits to his clients.

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