Greg West
Managing Director, Farthing West Pty Limited
Greg West, At a Glance

Mr. West has 19 years of professional experience, with 10 years as the managing director of Farthing West Pty Limited. Throughout his career, Mr. West has taken part in many successful turnaround projects, major productivity improvements and profit improvement exercises. In additional to having read widely and having obtained formal qualifications in lean methodology, he has also brought people into his business who possess expertise in adult education and the Toyota production system (learned in Japan, in Japanese, at Toyota). and this has enabled him to gain new perspectives on culture change. He is old enough and experienced enough to claim the title of sensei, the Japanese title used to refer to a teacher or someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an area of activity - in his case, lean implementation. Mr. West's key rules for making an organization successful include front-loading the intellectual input into planning, planning carefully and executing exactly, designing work so that there is nowhere for a problem to hide, creating level production schedules, developing a standard of work, using Kaizen and continuous improvement methodologies, developing metrics that measure both the 'results' and the 'means,' using technology that makes it easy to develop planning and reporting tools, challenging the status quo, and developing mentors.

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